FF: Friday’s Questions and Answers (FQA)

Hey everyone! I’d like to make a bit of an adjustment to my update schedule- Fridays will be a definite upload but Wednesdays will be slightly more infrequent. I get busier midweek than I’d anticipated. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say I’ll be posting on Wednesdays and Fridays, instead of every Wednesday and Friday. Anyway, now that’s done, onto today’s post- my first FQA! You guys have submitted some great questions, thank you so much for the response!

Anand asks, “which type of questions you will be comfortable with?”

Any! Seriously, feel free to ask me anything πŸ™‚ I’m pretty much an open book, and if I’m not comfortable with the question then I just won’t answer it.

Sonya asks, “What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year?”

Hmm. That’s a difficult question. I think it’s a tie between Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar”; funnily enough, I was reading both of them for my English class. Last year, our coursework (I’m not sure how to describe this to non-UK people but it’s work you do in class, normally an essay, that you don’t have to do in exam conditions and normally makes up anywhere between 20-40% of your final grade) was to write a short story in the style of a chosen novel, and I chose The Handmaid’s Tale. It was the second time I’d read it, as I read it when I was younger so I knew I’d enjoy it. This year, the coursework is to write an essay on any three pieces of literature from different periods or genres. I’ve chosen The Bell Jar as one of my pieces, and it is such a good read. It’s very feminist which warmed me to it immediately. It’s a really good depiction of depression, particularly of someone suffering with depression in the sixties. As it is from the sixties and was written by a white woman it doesn’t paint the full picture of suffering with depression, and is fairly racist at one point. That point did make me fairly uncomfortable as it was so unnecessary, but given the time to contextualise it I could forgive that, as overall it was an excellent read.

Debbie L asks, “What is the most confusing issue you are dealing with today (or pick a day)?”

This is a really interesting question! And a difficult one too… I’d say I majorly struggle with the idea of working too hard or not hard enough. There are many conflicting opinions on work ethic that just leave me a little dizzy, to be honest. Like, take Superwoman (the YouTuber, not the fictional character). She never stops working, and she has immense success (her film is coming out at some point in the near future). But whenever she makes a video, she’s ill, or spotty, or just very tired. She says none of this matters because someone will always work harder than you so you can’t ever stop. But then Ed Sheeran says, “success is nothing if you have no-one left to share it with.” I find it really hard to gauge whether I’m spending enough time on my future, my present, my family, my friends, myself…. I find that quite confusing.

Amanda M asks, “How do you want to be once you become an adult?”

As a seventeen-year-old, I already feel like an adult really. Over the past year I’ve seen a massive change in my attitude and way of thinking. However, I can hear the collective hysterical laughter from the actual adults reading this right now as you probably think 17 is crazy young. So, I will say that these aims are more aimed at my 21 year old self, instead of the 18 year old me who will technically be an adult as she won’t be too different from me now. At 21, I want to be relentlessly driven and hard-working. I hope I haven’t given up on the dream. I hope I don’t get too critical of myself. I hope I’m still friends with Kittykat. I want to be able to stand up to and not always seek the approval of people who don’t care about me, or even put me down. I hope that I’m stronger physically too. Sounds like a weird one, but I want to get fitter and it hasn’t happened yet.

Dr Meg Sorick asks, “You’re an aspiring actress, whose career would you like to emulate?”

All the great older British actresses have had amazing careers, for example Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, etc. However, I’d quite like my career to be a unique one, and so not follow anyone’s career path. We’re really lucky in this day and age to have the internet, which I’m convinced will help me to at least do some projects in my spare time, even if I can’t make it into a career.

Thank you all for your great questions! If you haven’t seen any of these people before, go and check them out! They’re a lovely bunch πŸ™‚

What about you? What are some of your favourite books? What’s the biggest challenge you face right now? What are your hopes for the future, either personally or in terms of career? Tell me down in the comments, or make a post in response to this one if you have lots to say!

I’m definitely making this into a semi-regular thing, so if you have any questions you’d like to ask me for next time, pop them down in the comments section! I’d love to hear from you.

Til next time!


Update (ask me questions!!)

Hello everyone! Today’s post was going to be about the sunshine blogger award, but I’ve literally just got home from a very hectic day. My plan is that tomorrow I will post today’s intended post and write Fridays. Tomorrow’s post will actually be a review of a production I went to see tonight, and Friday (if all goes to plan) will be my FQA. Now, I’m busy Friday evening, going to Bristol on Saturday and a friends birthday meal, so in reality these posts may be pushed back a week. I’d say to be on the safe side, expect to see both these posts sometime in the next week. In the meantime, please leave me questions here for my Fridays Questions and Answers so I can have something to write about! Love, El x

FF: Blogspiration- a backpacker’s diary

Hi everyone! Today is Friday, and as such it is time for my first Feature Friday! This week’s feature is ‘Blogspiration’, where I talk about a blog I’m inspired by, and write a ‘response’ to a post of theirs.

Today’s inspiration comes from Christian Dequita’s blog, A Backpacker’s Diary. Chris documents his backpacking adventures with beautiful photos and inspiring and insightful commentary and prose. The post that I drew particular inspiration from, though, was his recent post about his grandmother, Lady Violet. I could see the way he wrote about her that he thinks very highly of her, and loves her deeply. With this in mind, I decided to write a piece about my own grandmother.

My grandma comes from the small Spanish village of Ronda. My family have humble beginnings, which I looked down on when I heard the exciting tales of my friends’ rich heritage. Now I see how stupid I was, as the perseverance and work ethic of my grandfather has been passed down to me, and I hope that my origins remind me to stay humble and to always work hard to achieve my best in life.

My grandmother first met my granddad when he went on holiday to Spain (a luxury back then). He was a young man from a small mining valley in New Tredegar starting a career in law, she a bellboy in the hotel he was staying in, when they fell in love. He came home, learnt Spanish in three months, travelled back to Spain and asked her to marry him. I tell my friends this story every opportunity I get, because I simply can’t imagine anything more adorable or romantic.

my aba

left: a photo of my aba when she was young right: aba on her wedding day

When I was born, they decided they should be referred to as Grandad and Abuella (Spanish for grandma), but as a child I could only say ‘Aba’ and it stuck. There’s a bit of disparity in the spelling of it: me and my younger sister spell it ‘Aba’, but my grandad spells it as ‘Abba’ (like the band).

We all tease my Aba for being a bit mad. It’s a mix of a culture clash and hereditary nuttiness (my mother is starting to be like her, so I’m worried for what I’m going to be like!). Some phrases have become family jokes. For example, my mum didn’t realise ‘aubergine’ (eggplant for all you Americans reading) was not pronounced ‘over-gene’ until she was corrected in university (explanation: b is pronounced like a v in Spanish); I once told Aba she was mad as a hatter, to which she replied ‘mad as a hat’; and, of course, her insistence that you shouldn’t put cheese in mice traps because ‘I don’t want to give the cheese to them!’

My Aba never really had what you’d call an education, which I didn’t really understand when I was younger. She grew up during the Spanish Civil War, which she doesn’t talk about, so for me a lot of her early life is shrouded in mystery. These things remind me how thankful I am of the democracy I live in, and the free education system in place. Both need a lot of improving, but I should be grateful they even exist!

Well Aba, you once told me I should write a book on you, and your life has been rich and exciting enough that I could! Unfortunately, I do not have the time or the talent to do it justice. I hope a blog post will do for now πŸ™‚

(Please don’t redistribute my photos or use them as they are personal photos.)

Blogger Recognition Award!

Hello everyone! Welcome back from my little hiatus. I hope everyone’s doing well, and I’m looking forward to diving head-first back into the blogging community. A little while ago, Anand from Blabberwockying nominated for the blogger recognition award, and I am really flattered! You should definitely go check him out, as he writes amazingly insightful posts about spirituality among other topics. I feel like my IQ goes up just reading them!


Rules For This Award:

1. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

2. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
3. Write a post to show your award.
4. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
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How my blog started

My blog started thanks to blogging101. I’d thought about starting a blog for about a year, but seeing that gave me that push to make me set up a blog. And hopefully, it’s all up from here!

Some advice

Start straight away- you’ll never be ready. Also, don’t underestimate how much time it takes to successfully run a blog. It’s not just writing a post- you have to think about the aesthetics, not to mention invest large amounts of time making friends and interacting with the community.

Now for my nominees:

Those are the ones I can think of now, I might add more a little later on! Bye for now πŸ™‚