It was Coleman behind the table!

I know this is from a few weeks ago, but I contributed a line to this poem and I just think it’s such an ingenious idea. I’ve decided to reblog it so y’all can see it! Also, I’ll be writing my own interpretation of it soonish, so stay posted for that 🙂


Polite society

Hi guys, sorry for the super-long hiatus, life has been hectic to say the least. In fact, right now I was going to do some work. However, events have unfolded to make my environment incompatible with work.

A month or two ago, my new neighbours moved in. Now, I’m not a judgemental person, and I haven’t actually met them yet, but there is one thing that has consistently annoyed me ever since they moved in.

The noise.

Now, let’s not mince words here. I am a teenager. I like loud music. I like garden parties. In fact, my old neighbours had a girl about my age but also had a daughter a few years older, and I spent my childhood trying to get to sleep with the sounds of the bustle of a late-night teenage party drifting through the double glazing of my window. As a child, I didn’t understand (I thought they were going to bed super-late for a start), but as soon as I went to a party that was a tenth of the size of what I was used to overhearing I instantly understood. Music is an amazing form of expression that most humans connect with in a way that no other species does. Teenagers often find solace in it as it articulates intense emotions in a way that they are finding difficult to navigate. I understand that this also doesn’t just apply to teenagers. I understand that everyone is entitled to blast their music out loud and clear, it’s a free country.

But this is another level.

They’re a fairly young couple (we are one of the ‘old families’ on my street and once me and my younger sister leave for uni, my mum and dad will probably move like my boyfriend’s family and my old neighbours have) with young kids. And young kids- especially young boys- are going to make a lot of noise. I get that. But today is one of the boy’s birthdays and there’s a bouncy castle. So far, so acceptable. However, they are also blasting music so loud that, as I sit on the other side of the house with the windows closed, it’s still disruptively loud. Even with my headphones loudly and obnoxiously playing MCR into my ears- the most abrasive sound that I can think of that still allows me to concentrate- whenever a song ends I can hear the music. Also, I swear there’s a DJ or something with a megaphone. A megaphone. You’re catering for kids, aka the age range that has the best hearig out of all 0f us, not the elderly with failing eardrums!

Now, of course, there’s no point complaining about something if you aren’t going to try and solve your problem. So what am I going to do? March up to their door and ask them to turn it down as I’m trying to study for my A levels?

Of course not. I’m British, I’m far too repressed for any of that.

They probably wouldn’t hear their doorbell anyway.

No, I’ll deal with this in my very British way- do nothing, and write a blogpost about it.