Happy Birthday!

Is it my birthday? Nope. But today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of this blog (according to American time zones, anyway). On the first of August last year, I decided to make a blog and begin the blogging101 course, where I made loads of great friends who are still loyal supporters of this blog to this day. I was on holiday with my family at the time, and really got to dedicate my life to this place I am proud to say I’ve built- my little online home.

Many things have changed since that fateful day. Back then, I was operating on a tablet, whereas now I have a shiny new laptop to play with (he’s called Harvey and I love him). My life has changed almost immeasurably since then. I have made and lost many friends. I have met people who have changed my perceptions on anything and everything. I have written love letters to my friends before we scatter to all four corners of this countries to forge our own paths. I have grown so much as a person. I’ve added quite a few jobs to my CV. I’ve dealt with a lot of stress in perhaps not always the healthiest ways, but I have survived and made it to the other side. I have risen to glory and fallen spectacularly into ashes, only to be reborn again through my own efforts. I have written more poetry than I have ever written throughout the rest of my life, and some of it is actually half-decent. I have a YouTube channel now! Here is my first video:


If you’ve been here the whole time, thank you so much for your feedback, love, friendship, and support. Writing blog posts only takes up a fraction of what we do on this site- the most important thing by far is making friends and discovering different worldviews. I am very privileged to have you lot as not only followers and supporters, but friends.

To the people who don’t have wordpress accounts but still check out my blog on a regular basis (I’m talking to you, tumblr lot!), I recognise and appreciate your support as well. What parents said about making friends online was sensible and cautionary, but there is value in having the support of people halfway round the world. Thank you all.

If you’re new, welcome! Put something in the comments, introduce yourself! Let’s be friends. If this is the first thing of mine you’ve read, you probably can’t get a great holistic view of me. Check out my about page if you fancy.

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That’s all for now. Here’s to another year of incoherent rambling, inconsistent updating, and most of all, melodramatic flailing.

Ellie x