Considering the amount of output I’ve had on this blog, I’d say this prompt was an accurate one.

Where have I been over the last…17 days? What happened to a post a day??

In short, life happened. University happened. Whilst I didn’t expect this to be easy, I did expect to do a little better than this. Would I say I’ve failed? At the initial task- writing every day for forty days- sure. But it’s not for a lack of trying.

Besides that, Lent has fallen in a pretty busy time in my life. I can probably track through all of the days, in fact.

Day 5 of Lent, for example, was the end of my weekend home that I spent with my boyfriend and my family. I meant to write a post on the train home, but I was so ill, I just felt totally incapable. What followed on days 6 through to around 11 was a period of illness coupled with pretty intense rehearsals for a piece of devised theatre, a presentation for my seminar group, and the general organisation involved in both of those (although I did go to  Nandos one night. A girls gotta have a break!!). Then day 12 and 13 were both rehearsal and performance days, with the Sunday being an 8 hour day but the performance day stretching to over 12 hours. After that, naturally, I wanted rest, but alas, day 14 was the date of my dreaded presentation. No rest for the wicked. Or the overachieving. Days 15 and 16 were spent watching the productions of my peers, day 17 was audition signups and a train back home again to see my boyfriend, and days 18 and 19 were spent with my family for my mothers birthday. Day 20 (yesterday) was spent travelling back down to university in the morning, then a lecture in the afternoon, followed by drinks at the local pub with a good friend of mine to discuss an idea for a web series (more on that when I have more info!!)

So, we’re all caught up now, to Day 21. A day where I’ve managed (finally) to carve out some time to just sit and ramble on a keyboard.

…What can I actually talk about, though?

This is what I often find most difficult in my blog posts.

In all certainty, my life is pretty interesting right now. I’m creating all sorts of exciting art, I’m enjoying being in a different country with new friends, I’m going on all sorts of adventures with my boyfriend (we’ve been the aquarium in Plymouth, walked on the beach in Brean, made crystal jewellery for our loved ones…). Each of these stories is interesting in its own right, but once I begin to type about them… I lose interest. Which do I choose? Which has enough content to feasibly fill a whole blog post? What will interest you, the reader? Do you care about my existential drivel, or would you rather read more theatre reviews? More opinion pieces?

I guess the current timescale I’m working with is complex. Trying to choose what to write about from just under a months events (which have flown by at alarming speed) is nearly impossible. But finding the interest in every day is also difficult. The other challenge is, of course, on the days where I have the time to write, not much of interest has happened to write about! I guess that is what I’m challenging myself to do: to find something small from the day that sparked my interest, and latch onto it.

Find the extraordinary in every day.

Now that’s a philosophy I can get behind.


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