#RedInstead: Why I’m saying no to Autism Speaks

“Oh, it’s the Nazis calling. They want their eugenics back” remains one of the best things I have ever written.
Happy Autism Awareness Month, everyone.

Adventures of an Anti-social Extrovert

Okay, so I promise I will give you all a life update soon. I have plenty of ideas and not a lot of time but I’m planning to spend time writing a load of posts in advance. Don’t hold me to that, though. You know what I’m like in terms of posting!

First things first, though: why the makeover?

April is Autism Awarness month. This is around the time that Autism Speaks, the world’s most well-known autism charity, will start blazoning everything with the slogan: ‘Light It Up Blue’. Millions of well-meaning people will donate money to this charity, believing they are contributing to helping autistic people.

This is not the case.

In reality, Autism Speaks bears more resemblance to a hate group than anything else. Their primary objective is to find a cure for autism. Now, if you’ve ever met an autistic person, and said there were ways to…

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