An Impromptu Video


‘You’- Dodie Clark

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed that youtuber Dodie Clark’s new EP has skyrocketed to number 5 in the charts, 30 places higher than last November’s release. I am generally a massive fan of Dodie and her candid cuteness, but this EP has been particularly great. It’s versatile, emotional, and beautifully crafted. I’ve been playing it on repeat over the last few days, so I thought I might put all that streaming to good use and write a sort of review!!

Let’s start with the album art- continuing with the ‘Dodie yellow’ trend was definitely a good move, and the scrabble title is just so cute! I love how the design is kind of sketched, it kind of sums up Dodie’s music style: there’s something honest about it, with a sheen of professionalism she’s earnt in the last few years.

Now the EP itself:

In the middle- What a great way to start the EP. It’s funky, it’s impossible to not dance to it! I also love how cheeky it is- it’s like she’s sharing a secret with you, she’s totally aware how unconventional it is for someone with her kind of image to be writing a song about a threesome. When this song comes on, it just makes me feel weirdly confident- it’s a definite ‘dancing round your kitchen’ tune!

You’ve got so much in common, talk about your taste in women

6/10- the fact this song follows such an upbeat song just makes it hit even harder. The lonely desperation in the first line alone hits me straight in the chest like a freight train. The strings especially are beautiful. There’s something resigned about the way she sings, like she’s accepted that this is just how things work. This song just makes me think of all the times I’ve felt out of place. I think it hits me really hard right now because I feel slightly disjointed from every group of people I spend my time with: there’s no one I know who can really understand all the aspects of me at once; not friends from home, or uni, or work, or my family, they all know parts of me but not the whole picture. It also encapsulates the nagging voice in the back of your head which overanalyses every reaction anyone ever has to anything you say- the fear that you’re too loud, or quiet, or boring, or just not enough. But there is a note of hope to be found in this song- the chorus of voices, sung by fans from all over the world (myself included), reminds me that everyone has moments where they feel like a 6/10, and that just because that’s how you feel, it doesn’t make it true.

What goes on behind the words? Is there pity for the plain girl?

Instrumental- this is such a clever idea for an interlude. It has a definite ‘la la land’ feel and it shows off Dodie’s musical talent. All in all, it’s just really pretty.

You- This song absolutely merits being the title of the EP. I have been listening to it on repeat before the EP even came out. I love how Parisian it feels! And it’s a lovely way of acknowledging a messy end to a relationship. This is one I relate to a lot; it’s nostalgic, without being delusional, celebratory, but only in a past sense. Above all, it’s accepting, and just feels like the best way to write about an old relationship and the art of healing over.

Whatever it was it was wonderful, but non-functional

Secret for the mad- I want to send this to everyone I know going through stuff at the moment. I love how she acknowledges that it’s not enough to just say ‘it’ll get better’, because it’s hard to believe that when someone else is saying that, especially someone who hasn’t been through what you’re going through. Also I am incredibly envious of how HIGH those high notes are. It’s truthful but really understated at the same time. The backup singing towards the end also helps to make it feel like a chorus of people supporting you through hard times.

And I get that they don’t get it, but they love you so much that you won’t regret it

Would you be so kind- I LOVE this song. If you work with me, you may have come across me singing it to myself (out of tune, naturally). The rhythm of the song is so playful, it sounds like crushing on someone as a teenager. It’s that endless optimism that comes with puppy love. But it’s not all optimistic- when Dodie originally wrote the song she thought her feelings were reciprocated, but they weren’t. This adds a tinge of irony to the upbeat melody (and relatability- how many people have you fancied who never thought of you in that way). To me, it epitomises the hopeless and the hopeful: the knowledge that these feelings will most likely not come to anything, but that you’ll ride the wave of seratonin for as long as it lasts, digging for clues of reciprocity before the cold truth eventually comes around.

Do me a favour, can your heart rate rise a little?

Long time, no see!! (Life update and very mini review)

Hi everyone!

I have (as per) been on a bit of a hiatus because life got in the way, but in the best way. I got a job!! You heard right- someone actually thought I was competent enough and that my skills were worth exchanging money for!! This might not seem like much to many of you, but considering the difficulty I’ve had getting a job in the last couple of years (due to my glaring lack of retail, hospitality, or bar experience), it’s come as such a relief to me. Plus, without going into details, it’s without a doubt going to be the most fun summer job I will ever have, EVER.

Now, for obvious legal reasons I can’t actually say WHERE I’m working, but I can talk about it in a vague and slightly infuriating way! My role is partly hospitality, but I also get to act. And I get paid?! How did this happen??

The people are absolutely lovely. Even though I had the usual anxieties (do these guys like me? Do they think I’m a nice person or an immature asshole? Am I good to work with? Aghhh), I’ve never felt so immediately accepted by a group of people. I’ve been there for about a month now, and although they all have a rapport that goes back years that I couldn’t begin to tap into, I do feel like I belong there. That doesn’t stop the weird nervousness I get every morning, but I doubt anything would be able to alleviate that. They have decided that, since ‘Ellie W’ is too difficult to say over the radio, that instead I should be called ‘War Ellie’. Apparently they were worried that I would be offended- they hadn’t figured out how violent I could be at that point, and how much that name fitted (they soon learnt).

By far the best bit of the job is the acting. It’s exhausting, but getting to dress up for a nine to five job is everything I wanted from a ‘day job’, and even though I end up sweating buckets every day, there’s honestly nowhere I’d rather be.

In other news, I met Carrie Hope Fletcher!!! She is one of my favourite YouTubers and actors and was every bit as lovely in person as she seems on YouTube! I also didn’t embarrass myself majorly, which is a first for me- I will have to make a whole other post about me meeting famous people because it’s rarely dignified.

I met her at the stage door for the Addams Family, which was amazing! I was a little skeptical at first- film or tv adaptations often have an overly simplistic plot and uninventive songs, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!! My only complaint would have been the opening number. I discussed this with my sister, who went to see the matinee show the same day, and she had the same complaint: it wasn’t incredibly energetic. Maybe it’s the pace of the song itself, but it hardly had the energy that an opening number merits. Apart from that, it was a stunning performance. Even though the plot isn’t groundbreaking, it was funny and had some great moments. The costumes were wonderful, especially the chorus’s- they all had their individual flair and character which I thought really added to the whole mise-en-scène. The special effects were incredible and the precision timing and choreography which cued and responded to the lighting and sound was really impressive. Finally, the actual talent of the cast was impressive. I hadn’t pegged Samantha Womack as a musical actor, but she was an absolute powerhouse, and when Dickon Gough (playing Lurch) came out with quite possibly the lowest note I have ever heard, I was genuinely stunned. Of course, Carrie was sensational- I will forever be envious of her vocal range!!

That’s about everything for now, but I have plenty of ideas on what to write about, so I will hopefully be back soon!

Ciao! El x